What Makes You A Suitable Candidate For Lasik?

LASIK is no doubt an excellent procedure that is acceptable world wide. Improving one’s vision is the primary goal of this surgery. It has been one of the most preferred and successful procedures ever. With the advancement in technology, lasik surgery in Delhi (
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Besides all these, LASIK is definitely not suitable for everyone. Each human is different and so do their needs. Now you might be wondering what exactly makes one suitable for LASIK? Well, for that purpose you have to fit a certain criteria. But that doesn’t mean that LASIK is impossible to perform in certain cases. Basically if a person is not suitable for this surgery and still has one, there will be more chances of serious complications. 

Therefore before the procedure, your doctor will perform certain tests and will ask some questions about your family health history etc. to see if you are a good candidate or not. 

Let’s have a look on what makes you eligible for this surgery:-


  • One must have healthy eyes- This is the most important factor to be considered. If a person’s eyes are healthy, it increases the chances of being suitable for this procedure. If you had any kind of surgery in the past or have any underlying conditions like glaucoma. It can certainly reduce the chances. Although if you just have an issue with dry eyes, your doctor may try to reduce it to make you eligible for LASIK. 

  • Eye structure matters a lot- As each human being is different, so do their eye structure. To have LASIK, your natural eye structure must qualify certain standards too. If this eye surgery is performed on a cornea that is thin or a surface that is very irregular can increase the risk of complications. The size of your pupil is also important. It shouldn’t be naturally large. Or else that will result in the increased risk of side effects such as glares, halos etc. Therefore the structure of your eye is considered before having LASIK eye surgery. 

  • Should have stable vision- Another important factor is the stability of your vision. Usually teenagers have unstable vision because of the changes that are still undergoing in their eyes. That is why any individual below the age of 21 is not considered as an eligible candidate for LASIK. Your prescription must remain stable for at least 12 months before having this surgery. Your surgeon will figure out if your vision has been stable or not. 

Well, there are many other factors that are taken into consideration to know who is suitable and who’s not. The best way to figure that out is by having a consultation from a doctor. If you turn out to be a good candidate, lasik surgery cost in India (https://visualaidscentre.com/) is pretty much affordable. So you don’t have to worry about that. Just clear all your doubts with your surgeon and that’s it.

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